I you and others works for facebook,google,linkedin…

Data structure and Algorithms in computer world had significant role in the advancement technologies.Many technologies are implemented with the help of Computer Algorithms and other computation theories.Scientist and computer Geeks had developed many technologies that helps the common people not to worry about the implementation of technologies rather using it in their daily life.Internet age had started drastically fast and it has grown its peak.Now what ? Obviously the Internet business,The invention of WWW by the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee changed the world to a small.Introduction of Personal computing by Microsoft and the first GUI browser Mosaic by Marc Lowell Andreessen open a new world with cannon sound(literally they had implemented sound to hear on each download of mosaic by the people ) .
Back in 1996 Two Stanford Phd students had introduced one of best and efficient search Engine and they Founded Google and along with another guy from Harvard who founded facebook now they are doing good business and their product are absolutely free to use. Now What’s the real business of Say Google and Facebook? is it only advertising?,Yes of course adds are part of the money making apart from that,They sell trends data for products company.Wait how is that happens? Google has advanced technologies to aggregate the latest trend data from their database and amazing part is their interface for collecting database is all their products including search engine,Normal users using their search engine as a part of their daily life.Facebook also serving the same interface that will make people use in their daily life.In Each search or like in facebook or Google we do,Actually we are collecting data for their business with out having any salary.I am not saying this is wrong actually i am appreciating their intelligence that make us doing it for Free.

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