Selenium Web automation

Selenium is a set of libraries which help you to identify and make action on web elements in a  web page . This is the primary task of every web automation tools . A part from this there are so many libraries to handle several cases in web technology . Selenium wont provide you the complete solution for web automation but almost. 
 why we need web automation ?
 QA is the part of every software development cycle , During QA process we need to test each functionality from top bottom that the mandatory thing . Consider we have thousand functionalities , it wont be a problem to test from top to bottom in test cycle for first time . But where feature adding in each day we need to test the feature also make sure that it wont effect stable functionalities so we need to test the rest of the functionalities along with the newer one. This would be tedious task doing the repeated testing on old ones with newer ones. This is where automation come in to play, Software automation applied to on certain criteria .
  1. product should be stable, because you don't want to write and erase code when functionality changes.
  2. Automation is good for regression testing, new feature add.
  3. Situation where testing time is limited .
Advantage of automation Testing
  1. Avoid human errors, Testers could be passive on some functionality where they are confident.
  2.  Reduce Time by running the code.
How to choose a Automation tool ?
 Choosing a automation tool is little difficult , Identify your code developer in test team and identify their programming skills. Choose a language in which all developers are comfort of . Now you make a decision whether you want to use paid tool or use free tools . its really depends on you because its depends on the budget and duration of the test. If you are want to use paid tools , there are so many good tools like IBM RFTUFT by HP etc.

Advantage of Paid tools
  1.  Most of the paid tools provides solution for complete web testing from developing the code to the deployment .
  2. They provide customer service on tool issues.
  3. Developer's need not to worry about the integration of other tools because all option were in built in them. 
Disadvantage of Paid tools
  1. You need to pay for using the service.
  2. Its may not be open source, so you cannot be fully control on the tool.
  3. You always need to depends on the customer service for error fix in the tool.
On the other hand, There are free open  source tools like selenium. They are free to use. Selenium is the most popular open source free web testing tool available in the market . Originally Selenium developed by ThoughtWorks called Selenium standalone server it provides lots of services like grid testing. Later Google developed the same selenium which is called Selenium 2.0 or selenium driver.

Advantage of Selenium
  1. Free and Open source.
  2. It is free use and deliver. 
  3. Its support multiple language to code, You can code Java,C#,python,ruby,php,perl,javascript.
  4. You can modify the tool according to your choice because source code is available.
  5. It is easy to use.
  6. There are lots of lots of open source tool which is compatible with selenium .
 Disadvantage of Selenium
  1. Selenium is developed by community developers in open source, so there wont be individual service for the customer.
  2. Developer should be good programmers to know how to develop test code.
  3. Selenium is limited to certain technologies in web , so developers need find the work around for the specific issue. For example drag and drop in html5.
  4. It is easy to use but difficult to maintain. Selenium only provides to write code web testing , If you want to integrate other tools with selenium you  need to configure yourself.

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