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About the Author
Hi I am pradeek , I am computer programmer and a blogger . I am a technology enthusiast and love to write code . I don’t like to work in time bounds so i work independently . Most of the time i write code and hear music . I like music because it rid all of my tension and don’t get bored when you get write for a long hour . Most of my work related to web programming using rails framework and mysql and i am not restricted to any programming language or technology , i always ready to learn some thing new . So i always update my knowledge and eagerly taught others too it helps myself to improve several things which i am not think yet . I don’t like schools or any other institutions to get knowledge , i taught my self . Apart from my technical life my interest is in history and politics . I admire singer Kurt Cobain and band nirvana who almost touched my soul . Nirvana is one of my favorite band . I am a sports person too who love to watch football(soccer) .
Things i like to do
The question is what I don’t like to do , I am a person of art in heart , i have interest in several things like writing and singing..etc (yes i am a terrible singer ) but my interests changed with the year and finally caught up in to software industry . As for me its not a boring job,but I not gonna lie yea there are times when I got frustrated when some problem not get solved but its part of every job . So I chose not to mind that . I am a big fan of open source program and Linux .

While moving to Linux, it inspired me lots of things , You need patient enough to be learn something . I read technical books and Google for getting stuff but lots of research and experimenting is needed to understand the idea. There are lot of people who helped me to grow my carrier . When I was in college I don’t have a faintest idea of how to code . One day a friend of mine helped to understand the funta behind the programming language . This thing I always carried away with me because sharing knowledge always improve your skills . Though I am not a highly skilled person but still in the race.

I like to do lot of things in my life , always want to travel and want everyday to be different . I believe computer programmers can change their society in a way they can help others by doing teaching for charity or making application for fund raising . I want to create jobs it would be a help for others because in my place 75% people are job seekers . I want to give back to society what society made me .